How to stay positive and enjoy Christmas.

Some of you may remember the story of Leda Petit’s picture
which was used and shared abundantly on Internet.

It has been cropped and edited in various way, often with
awful results and shared tens of thousands of time.

It has been used to endorse and sale products from wine to
perfume, events, music etc. It even appeared on tattoos!

Most of the time it was uncredited, and, obviously, with no
money coming into my palm.

When I saw this, I was a bit angry, said a couple of short
French words, and then started to think about what I could do about this.

Quite a few people advised to sue the businesses who used the photograph.
with most of the ‘businesses’ being tiny or probably not making much money,
this would have been a futile, and expensive, exercise.

I may have considered suing if the use was done by a major company on a big scale,
but in that situation there were not much use.

I could also have send nasty emails to the people, but,
again, the effect of this would have been limited.

Instead of this, I decided to stay positive about it and I
started to thank as many people as I could for using my picture.

I answered on twitter, went to thank them on Instagram, gave as much
information about the picture as I could on Facebook etc. I did the tour of the websites and social media. I “spammed” as much as I could.

But before doing this I have made sure to offer prints of
the picture on my

And made sure to mention this everywhere. Nicely.

I just want to thank again all the people who (mis)used my
photograph. I had a very nice Christmas in 2015. Just sitting at home, drinking
some Champagne. I also have a very nice top notch film scanner.

And I paid Leda for her good work too.

Stay positive, keep sharing my picture, and…