While in Rome I followed illegal vendors from Sri Lanka, fake centurions and policemen.

Every morning, around the coliseum, a theatre play is organizing itself.

A real life play.
Fake Roman centurions prepare their costumes.
Souvenir, drinks and T-shirts merchants set up their stalls.
Illegal vendors check the weather forecasts and prepare themselves to sell sun hats or umbrellas.
Policemen, in uniform or dressed as civilians are getting ready to chase the illegal vendors, either on foot or in cars.
Unofficial guides prepare their sales’ pitch.
Then the tourists arrive and everything begins.
Policemen run after illegal vendors who are trying to sell their wares to the tourists.
The tourists are trying to avoid the unofficial guides, whilst buying water bottles as expensive as Chianti.
Then the coliseum’s surroundings look like a big ballet where each actor is repeating, playing, dancing.
This is the great ballet of life.

This work was first presented in an exhibition sponsored and presented by Apix in Auckland, New Zealand.
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