Boats and roses.

"You can't control anything, and you never know what's going to happen. It's like dancing-you're trying to move with the people, to understand them".

Backstage pass.

"The expressive black-and-white images [...] would not have been possible without the huge amount of persistence and respect he has invested in the community over the years."

A very French connection.

" The project is rooted in Jocelen's own fascination with what is human, what is hidden, what is real, and what is cliché".

Photographer sharpens his focus on designs.  

"It's a talent that saw him nominated as a finalist for last year's New Zealand Geographic photographer of the year, and work with the Auckland Museum on their 2010 exhibition Wonderland: The Magic or Roses"

Alter-egos come out on camera.

"There's a thin line – I tried not to influence them and not to make it like theatre – it's their life and that's what I'm trying to catch," he says.

I is another.

"A project born from the examination of public faces of people and what lay behind this, Alter Ego captures the transformation of Kiwis into their “other I” (the translation of the Latin “alter ego”), as they engage the creativity in all of us and the desire for freedom of expression."

These roses go beyond love.

" The museum's curator of botany, Ewen Cameron, says Janon's perspective has been a wonderful resource to draw upon.

"It was really nice working with him, especially since we have totally different expertise." 

In your bag number 250, Jocelen Janon.

"Today's bag comes to you from the southern hemisphere. Jocelen is a photographer based in New Zealand and he carries around a very cool bag. come and have a closer look".

Jocelen Janon. Alter ego, I is another.           

' Da dicembre a giugno, Jocelen ha fotografato 66 persone, in un setallestito in una piccola casa galleggiante su una spiaggia a Hillsborough inuna posizione che gli ha permesso al fotografo di scattare in luce naturale,ma lontano da occhi curiosi' .